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Manjeet Ark Traditional Acupuncture

What happens when I go for treatment?

Your first session will involve a full consultation to find out about your main concerns and to assess your overall past health history. A treatment plan will be made for you which will be tailor made to suit your individual requirements.

After the consultation a treatment will be given. The consultation/first treatment can last up to 90 minutes and subsequent treatments up to 45 minutes.

It is best to wear loose clothing for your appointment sessions, and best not to eat a large meal or drink strong coffee or alcohol prior to treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically a patient will require 6 to 10 sessions, however the amount of treatment and time between sessions is very dependent on how the patients responds to treatment. Some patients have a noticeable change after the first treatment.

Acupuncture techniques

Ultrafine, sterile needles are used to stimulate acupuncture points. In addition to this, traditional acupuncture may include other techniques such as:

  • Moxibustion: indirect heating using a therapeutic herb to warm and relax muscles and channels.
  • Cupping: Glass cups with a vacuum seal are placed on the skin to stimulate the circulation of blood and energy.
  • Guasha: massage technique used to stimulate blood and energy flow.